Gut wrenching joint pain, literally.

My research surrounding a current presentation paper dealing with Hodgkin Lymphoma and AI lead me to anĀ interesting article on bacterial effects on autoimmune disorders.

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Wine and Truffle Friday

I was able to attend a wine and truffle (“the Italian fungus”, yum!) tasting at Max’s in Hartford this past weekend. The food was amazing, but even more amazing was a 1983 sherry that wowed us during dessert. Highly recommend it to any sherry lover and non-lover alike! Another, rather random, happening of the night was that the other two couples at our table (the wives) were both in medical lab sciences…go figure!


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My pregame to the Super Bowl, while I finish up some graduate work and make guacamole. Love these two!


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Anthrax to oncology

Manipulating nature to fight hiccups of mutation. Utilizing anthrax to Trojan horse chemotherapies.

Senior Scientist

I happen to catch an episode of Ellen, and saw Sara speaking about her research. It amazes me to see such motivated young women, accomplishing such great work…before graduating high school. I can’t stress enough how important her work is, not just the research but her organization to bring young women into the science field.

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Drunken experiments in the kitchen

One of my favorite things to do is head to the grocery store, pick out something fresh, and build a meal around it. I experimented with a couple of dished this past week that are now included as a staple in the apartment. I decided to try my hand at ceviche, turning the avocado into the actual bowl for presentation, and chicken curry salad. Needless to say everything turned out better than expected, possibly due to the sparkling wine I was “tasting” while mixing ingredients. I also tried a new and easy dessert, biscuits and blueberry sauce cooked in a skillet. Due to the copious amounts of food consumed we hiked the guilt away on a 7 mile trail not too far from the city. Cheers!





SOWA Sunday

Long overdue trip to my favorite open market. Although it’s new found popularity has caused a larger crowd, with it has also come new vendors and local cider/wine tastings. I got my usual favorite, Thai basil limeade from Bon Mei, then hopped over to a new food truck all about bacon (need I say more?) I sampled the candied bacon and it was as I suspected, amazing. Down East cider was handing out samples so I was finally able to try their lemon and honey ciders, perfect for a hot day like today! I ventured over to Westport Wines and tasted their version of a prosecco called Farmers Fizz. Very light and refreshing so I bought two and they included free wine glasses, bonus! Drinking on a budget is much easier on SOWA Sundays!




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You know you are a nightshifter when…

Your happy hour is when the rest of the city is enjoying their fist cups of coffee at 8 am. I’m happy to have picked up a new Bantam cider to try, La Grande. Aged in bourbon barrels this cider is dry and bold, with a lingering taste of smokiness from the whiskey. I am a huge fan of dry ciders (and whiskey) and tend to shy away from those served at most bars in BostonĀ (sorry angry orchard…I’m just not into you) so it is very exciting to find craft ciders with interesting flavors. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to try something unique and hand crafted!



STAP investigation

This is devostating. The pressure and stresses of research on a PI is heavy enough. I cannot imagine the weight of this investigation. It heavies my heart to hear this news.

My sentiments exactly…


Although I understand the need to take care of our own, the idea of bringing infected individuals to major cities in the US seems like a bold move. Working in a lab you see a lot of mistakes and mishandling occur daily, to believe that the CDC is immune to such a thing is a ridiculous assumption. Mistakes like these don’t just lead to a corrective report and a call to notify the physician, it leads to the spread of an infection with a 90% mortality rate. Considering how well our suspected Ebola case played out a few weeks ago….my nightmare is edging closer to reality.


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