Most people that know me would say that I am most certainly in love with science and wine (the later would rule if only consuming Rioja was a full time job). My love for wine began while studying abroad in Florence, Italy, a city that will charm that pants off anyone lucky to visit for an extended period of time. Not only was a bottle of wine half the price of a can of diet coke, it was some of the best I had tasted. They even offered a course through our school called, the history of food and wine…yes it is exactly as it sounds and…yes of course I took it. Our professor would take us on wine tastings and through the rolling hills of Tuscany to show us the “history” of wine making, aka getting his whole class sloshed while he lectured about the economy. During our days off we could walk down the streets, bottle of wine in hand, looking for the opening markets or random street performers to watch.

Although Chianti was my favorite wine at first my stepfather’s ridiculous knowledge of wine (with an even more ridiculously amazing wine cellar) has lead me to love spanish reds.

My second passion (and also the support for my lavish wine selections) is science. I grew up with the idea in my head of being a veterinarian, which ended abruptly when I realized you seem to deal more with people than animals in such a profession. As my college career ended, with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, the economy took a complete tumble leaving most of us stranded without jobs. Not sure of what kind of job I would have liked to do I stumbled upon a waitressing position at an up and coming 5 star Relias and Chateaux in the hills of CT. With a belligerent head Chef, a disgruntled french patissier, and the most outlandishly rude guests I have ever met…well lets just say it kicked me into gear and back into my idea for a career. I began an intensive program for Medical Lab Technology, which involves performing all the diagnostic testing for doctors. I am currently working as a Microbiologist, speciating bacteria and performing antibiotic susceptibilities (sounds totally thrilling I know!) We probably see the grosses things out of all of the labs on a daily basis, some of which still make me crinkle my nose and wash my hands a few more times for good measure.

One bachelors and a certification…yet I still am not satisfied. One of my dearest friends from Italy pointed out to me recently that I will never be done. I will always be looking for the next best thing to do in my my life because I need that constant stream of knowledge. ┬áTo me that is what encapsulates a true scientist.

And with this I begin my next journey…my applications to Biomedical PhD programs. With a little help of course.

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