Trust buster

At work yesterday we were called into an hour long meeting on shit….and I mean this literally. For anyone that knows what C. Diff is….fun stuff. It was a lecture on infections and the reliability of different methods of testing. Apparently with certain procedures 70% of the positives….I repeat…70%…were being missed. I find this extremely absurd and my faith in certain forms of testing have completely disintegrated. The future will most certainly rely on genetic sequencing, but until then I feel as though trusting results is as easy as a shot in the dark sometimes. We rely heavily on our automated instruments and with a high work load I feel slightly mindless. I have been told to stop asking questions, just follow the procedure, and do as I’m told. Being the stubborn person I am this does not mesh well. I guess I will always be questioning the “authority” and there is no other way I’d rather be.

Someone else who wasn’t afraid to question (and got kicked out of his own research group for it):


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