writing skills are inversely proportional to the success of a wine tasting

Tonight we attended a wine tasting at one of my favorite restaurants in the outskirts of Hartford. Costa del Sol is a little Spanish place hidden away with an amazing wine list and fantastic food. It’s a slice of Europe right in the middle of Connecticut and the owner, a stout spanish man, is usually running around telling you to eat up and drink more wine (like he’d need to!).  He also won’t add any wines to his cellar unless he absolutely loves them (this I know from experience).

Tonight we tasted a great selection of Spanish wines from Bodegas Félix Lorenzo Cachazo; two whites, two reds, and a spumante. The Gran Cardiel Verdejo was a great white wine, and im usually picky about whites since they tend to be too sweet for me. Also all of the wines were under $15 a bottle, bonus! Add in the discount for buying a whole case, double bonus!

The wine vendor, Eduardo, was a seventh generation wine maker from a long line of family members and one of the oldest vines in Europe (140 years of grapes!) It is always remarkable to me the passion and excitement in those that carry on this legacy of great wineries. He spoke to us about the romance of picking those grapes and putting them into something so wonderful for all to enjoy…and might I say I certainly enjoyed them…multiple glasses of them!

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