6 things

The past few days have been a bit brutal waiting to hear from schools about my applications, being waitlisted at one school has made me realize how competitive these programs have become in this economy. Case in point, NEVER go shopping unsupervised during these heightened times of stress. Next thing you know you’ve been to three department stores when all you really needed was a battery for your watch. Since I have become aware of my type A tendencies I now have numerous back up plans if my acceptance into a PhD program is delayed. Second case in point, always give yourself options, but never give up on what you really want. The years in your life don’t matter, its the life in your years!

[[1.trying different hard ciders//2.out dancing with some adventurous new cocktails//3.shopping spree at Jer’s//4.repin’ uconn//5.dressing for spring//6.New England reminding me its still winter]]

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